2014 Communal Spaces: a garden play festival

2014 Communal Spaces: a garden play festival

Produced by The Motor Company
(Co-Artistic Directors: Lillian Meredith and Chris Norwood)

Four gardens. Eight original plays. Brooklyn Edition.
Equity Approved Showcase


The Traditionalists
@ Target Community Garden
written by Patrick Shaw
featuring Timothy Craig, Brian Dunlop, Karen Eilbacher, Rebeca Fong, Rory Kulz, Elizabeth Seldin, Gabby Sherba

Poetic Memory
@ Garden of Hope
written by Georgette Kelly
featuring Stephen Bennett, Jaspal Binning, Louiza Collins, Matt Cox, Emily Daly*, Marianna McClellan*


Garden Sweet Garden
written by Erin Buckley
directed by Jaki Bradley

Absolutely Somewhere
written by Nora Sorena Casey
directed by Will Dagger

Washougal My Heart 
written by Clare Barron
directed by Dina Vovsi

Compete Me 
written by Angela Santillo
directed by Elizabeth Nelson

Small Wars 
written by Madeline Chilese
directed by Ilana Becker

written by Alexandra Shaw née Bassett
directed by Chris Norwood

And check out the fundraising video to learn more about the festival and our new company The Motor Company!