Intimate Bar Plays

Intimate Bar Plays

Produced by The Motor Company
(Artistic Director: Lillian Meredith)

Overlapping plays written for the dark corners of an East Village Bar

Annually in February and March

2015 @ Fish Bar
Playwrights: Sarah Bernstein, Nora Sørena Casey, Jerry Lieblich
Actors: Louiza Collins-Duran, Dan De Jesus, Brian Dunlop, Rory Kulz, Lindsey Hope Pearlman, Maggie Raymond,  Emma Sherr-Ziarko
Directors: Stephen Bennett, Lillian Meredith

2016 @ Botanica Bar
Playwrights: Emily Daly, Dominic Finocchiaro, Sofya Weitz
Actors: Lydian Blossom, Brian Dunlop, Monica Jones, Rory Kulz, Alex J. Moreno, Lisa Purrone, Rachel Sachnoff, Elizabeth Seldin, Harrison Unger
Director: Lillian Meredith

2017 @ The Greenwich Treehouse
Playwrights: Mara Nelson-Goldberg, Alexis Roblan, Stacey Rose
Actors: Sparkman Clark, Brian Dunlop, Madison Fae, John Paul Harkins, Jessica Mosher, Gabby Sherba, Iris Williams, and others