The Seagull

The Seagull

Written by Anton Chekhov
Adapted by Taylor Petracek and Fergus Scully
Directed by Lillian Meredith

Featuring Siena D’AddarioJeanette Dilone*, Emmanuel Elpenord, Peter Feliz*, Kazuhiro Imafuku, Todd Licea*, Taylor Petracek, Roger Rathburn*, Fergus Scully, Deborah Unger*, Kristen Vaughan

Set Design by Chika Shimizu
Light Design by Caitlin Smith Rapoport
Costume Design by Lisa Renee Jordan
Original Music by Sylvana Joyce
Stage Manager: Lindsey Hurley

Produced by The Instigators
May 26 – June 18 at Access Gallery, NYC


“The subtle direction of Lillian Meredith ensures that each character’s insecurity is fully exposed. It’s a solid production that stays true to Chekhov’s text, as well as showcasing the adept skills of the ensemble. The creativity of the team becomes most apparent in their making full use of practical effects—Chika Shimizu’s atmospheric set becomes immersive with limited materials—and the result is transformative.” – Theatre is Easy

“Directed by Lillian Meredith and performed at Access Theater, The Seagull is a brilliant staging of Chekhov’s masterpiece, thanks to an immersive setting, great blocking, and tremendous acting.” – StageBuddy

“The Instigators are an organization that embraces “. . . the belief that cathartic storytelling cleanses the soul and stirs our humanity, helping us to recognize ourselves in others and make a little more sense of the world around us.” In this production of Chekhov’s first masterpiece, they succeed in providing such catharsis. This is a production filled with passion and pathos.” – The White Rhino Report

Photos courtesy of Lisa Renee Jordan